Friday, May 26, 2017

Pataginia pt. 1: Fitz Roy, Medialuna + Random Shots

Chalten and the Fitz Roy aka Mt. Chalten
Welcome to Chalten!
Guilliamet and Fitz Roy towering above it

Where is the summer??
Cheburashka and Piergiorgio

Evening - the mountains are clearing.
Morning - go time.

Medialuna is the rock spire on the right. Cerro Torre is the towering demon above it.

Brian on top, trying to hold a stance with frequent 40mph gusts hitting.
Some climbing on Medialuna

Spreading Eddie's ashes from Domo Blanco with the line of Supercanaleta obvious in the middle of Fitz.

Some #gnar
Crampons all the way to the summit

Top of Fitz Roy

What a pretty peak/range
Fitz Roy from town

Cerro Torre