Monday, December 26, 2016

Fall in the Desert

 Anyone wants to know how to make an eight year old cry twice??? That was one of the things I learned this fall, and that the number of pedophile and dead baby jokes is infinite. So yeah, the cold campfire nights were great and the fall productive. There was also a lot of climbing, photography, smiles, #flailinontheproj, new hashtags and an unexpected free climbing highlight was the sent of the Moonlight Buttress (V 5.12+) in Zion NP. #crusheditbro #spraylords_of_instagram #RUN_the_PDL_homie

Now Moonlight is downgraded to only a 5.12B/C, and is not difficult at all for the harder men and women out there, yet yours truly was expecting to get up the route, not free it in a day, on the first attempt. It has sustained, beautiful crack climbing from bottom to the top, pushed me to the absolute limit of trying hard. While climbing the last crux pitch my hands were close to failing on a section of locker low 5.11 fingers, which would be a joy in the beginning, with plenty of energy. That was after three pitches of cramping biceps. Got by, yet am far from mastering the route, that's for damn sure. The trip started from climbing in Red Rocks, then going to Zion and doing Tricks of the Trade (V 5.11- C2) and The Monkeyfinger (IV 5.12), both of which are great too! I did not send the latter. The MB happened later, after climbing in Indian Creek for about three weeks. Gettimg used to sandstone was wise. the 2016 comes to an end, the new year approaches and will start from a trip to Patagonia while actively applying for jobs closer to the mountains. Not sure what to expect for 2017, but as long as I can escape from injuries and continue climbing with good people, I'm sure it will be a good one. Wish the same for everyone reading, Marry Christmas, Happy New Year and get out to those places you want to see in 2017, the time to live is now!

Sunset selfies! That's what climbin in the Creek is all about braj!11 ! (I barely know this guy but he is a straight G mega OG)
#straight_gangsters_of_instagram #lulzoftheday
The Moonlight Buttress #shitmypants #nexttimebringingfixedlinesandminitraxing
#showinoffthebicepts #crushing #gladtheropeistight #spraylords_of_instagram
Zion NP. View from Tricks of the Trade, what a great climb and a great view, WOW!


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#inaday #crushedit #retarded_hashtags_of_instagram

#actinlikeitaintshityetcrampinandwhinin #thatshowweroll


#bro_sent_5.13 #I_belayed #fuck_yeah

#homie_is_god #climbing_itno_the_sky

The Angels Landing

Early morning long exposure of the Patriarchs, Zion.
Deadhorse Point, Utah


Broken tooth

Getting unbelievably pumped on Unbelievable
Cool fingercrack in indian creek

Hard men and women

Paige and the dawg. Indian creek got cold!
Warming up the thighs on skylight #showingofftheass
Capt. Ben sending the gnar
It was steep, it was hard and I #sentthegnar #great_success #another_m8_bitesthedust

Capt. Mark #sendingthegnar
Splitter on Moonlight!

For a good workout we climbed this pitch with hands on the first lap, than two more laps drytooling with axes. Gets you PUMPED! #noethicsbro


Brian on the way down after climbing the Direct North Face of some peak with a knee deep powder approach.

Sending the mixed route that I could only get up with hangs last January. Felt great. (M8ish)


Ouray, not indian creek

Chaz on the last pitch of tricks of the trade (-11)
Tricks of the Trade goes up this awesome wall. Badass long climb!

Narrows, Zion NP
Bryce NP


Tricks of the Trade

#whysosandbagged #thoughtredrockhassoftratings #gotowned #lookedlikeaherooninstagram

Clipping a bolt, FELT AMAZING on this route. Me getting worked on the first lead of the desert trip. #gotwhopped! Photo cred: Joshua Janes

Mark crimpin like a manica on some HARD 5.12 pitch in RR. Photo by Joshua Janes