Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tick List for 2014-2015

I will try to update my tick list as the time goes on. But this is a general list of some of those classic climbs I would love to get on at some point. It can happen in 2014, in a few years or never...who knows. I included some big climbs that I have done to the list.

Walls (aid climbs):
Goldwall - Silent Line 5.10 C2 [X]
La Esfinge - Reg. Route (V 5.10d-5.11a) [X]
Lost Arrow Spire - Direct route V C2+ 5.9 [X]
Washington Column - The Prow 5.9 C2 [X]
Liberty Cap - SW Face 5.10 C3 [X]
Half Dome - Reg. NW Face 5.10 C1 [X]
El Capitan - The Nose C1 5.10 [X]
Lurking Fear C2+ 5.9 [X]
Salathe Wall
The Shield
Leaning Tower - West Face or Wet Denim Daydream
Mt. Watkins - South Face C3 5.10

[X] = Send - onsighted or redpointed
[O]= Led the crux but did not get it clean
[o]=followed and/or didn't get the pitch clean

Single and multi pitch climbs in the order of difficulty:
On the Lamb (Toulumne) 5.9
Vendetta 5.10b [X]
Outer Limits 5.10c [X]
Lunatic Fringe 5.10c [X]
Bombs Over Tokyo [X]
Salathe pitch 1 5.10c [X]
Generator Crack [o]
Lambert Dome - Direct NW Face 3 pitch 5.10b/c
Sherrie’s Crack (5.10c) [O]
Fairview Dome - Lucky Streaks 5.10c/d [ ] and Great Pumpkin 5.8 R [ ]. Reg Route 5.9 [X]
Washer Woman - In Search of Suds 6 pitch 5.10c/d
Mr. Natural 5.10c/d [X]
Twilight Zone (5.10d) [X]
Catchy (5.10d) [X]
Finger Licking (5.10d) [X]
Five and Dime (5.10d) [X]
OZ (4 pitch 5.10d)
The Good Book (5 pitch 5.10d)
Steppin Out (5.10d)
Chimney Spire - Kitty From Hell (4 pitch 5.10d) [X] 
The Fracture (5.10d)

Etude 5.11a (Suicide)
The Vampire 5.11a (Tahquitz)

Catchy Corner (5.11a) [O]
Hardd – pitch 1 (5.11a) [X]
Waverly Wafer (5.11a) [X]
Big Baby (5.11) [o]
Middle Cathedral - DNB (IV 5.11a R)
Lower Cathedral Spire - South by Southwest (5 pitch 5.11a)
North Face Route (Lovers Leap) 4 pitch 5.11a
Don Juan Wall (5 pitch 5.11b) [O]
Hardd (pitch 2) (5.11b) [O]
Enema (2 pitch 5.11b)

Rostrum pitch 4 (5.11c) [X]
Butterballs (5.11c) [O]
Pinky Paralysis (5.11c) [o]
Espresso Crack (5.11c) [o]
Kaukulator 5.11c
Blind Faith 5.11 c/d
Red Zinger (5.11d) [o]
Fish Crack (5.12b) [o]

Alpine climbs and big multi-pitch routes: 
Mt. Winchell - West Arete (5.8+)
Charlotte Dome - South Face 5.8 [X] Beauty and the Beast 6b
Clyde Minaret-SE Face direct 5.9+ [X]
The Watchtower - Moonage Daydream Wi4 M4 [X]
Merriam Peak - North Buttress IV 5.10b [X], Croft-Rands IV 5.11
Picture Peak - NE Buttress 5.10b
Mt Russell - Western Front 5.10, Bloody Corner 5.10
Sentinel Rock - Steck Salathe IV 5.10b [X]
Mt. Langley - Rest and be Thankful V 5.10a
Temple Crag - Moon Goddess Arete (III 5.8) and Planaria V 5.10 R

The Citadel - Edge of Time Arete IV 5.10+
Mt. Conness - SW Face IV 5.10c [X]
Keeler Needle - Harding Route IV 5.10c
South Howser Tower - Beckey Chouinard V 5.10+ [X]

Wind Chill to Wind Fall link up V 5.11
Middle Cathedral - Ho Chi Minh Trail V 5.11a, North Buttress IV 5.10a [X/O], Kor Beck (done first 6 pitches), Central Pillar of Frenzy (done only first 5 pitches), North Face, Bircheff Williams, and more.
Incredible Hulk-Sun Spot Dihedral (IV 5.11b), Escape From Poland (III 5.10+), Positive Vibrations 5.11a [X], Red Dihedral 5.10b [X], Beeline 5.10a[X]
Long's Peak (The Diamond) - D7 IV 5.11c, Black Dagger 3 pitch 5.11a, Ariana 6p 5.12a and Casual Route 5.10a 
Red Rocks - Levitation 29 5.11c
Mt Wilson Inti-Watana to Resolution Arete V 5.11
Freeblast IV 5.11b [o]
Middle Cathedral - Beggar's Buttress IV 5.11b
Basket Dome - Basket Case IV 5.11b
The Rostrum ( IV 5.11c)  [X]
Calaveras Dome – Silk Road [o] to Karakoram Highway link up (V+ 5.11b)
 Donner Summit - Imaginary Voyage (4 pitch 5.11+)
Astroman (V 5.11c)
Higher Cathedral - The Crucifix IV 5.12, North Buttress IV 5.9 [X], Book of Job 5.10b [X]
Ribbon Falls Area - Gates of Delirium V 5.12 [o], Ribbon Candy IV 5.11c, Silent Line 5.10 C2 [X]
Cerro Torre
Fitz Roy

Palisade Traverse
Evolution Traverse [X] 27 hrs car to car
Minarets Traverse
Sawtooth Traverse

First Ascents:
The Fortress - The Siege IV A0 5.10c
Santa Cruz Dome - Boardwalk Chimney 540 ft 5.8 
Mt. Hood - Ravine WI3 M4 - rating is very conditions dependent
Laurel Mountain - SE Rib 2000ft 5.5

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  1. Do not bother with inti watana. I did it a month ago. The grades are all off-- 1 pitch of low 5.10, all other pitches are 5.7 to 5.8 max. I think the climb is a travesty... There are better ways to get up my Wilson
    , just do resolution arĂȘte the whole way